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Coastguard deliver diving safety messages

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Diver safety and diver education are the driving forces behind our organisation’s very existence. Our charitable aims and activities (as published by the Charity Commission) are to “promote the benefits of safer diving practices and of the wider applications of hyperbaric oxygen in general medicine through service delivery, awareness raising, training and research.”

Diver Education Events

We offer a number of educational events including the Dive Accident Responder Course (DARC), Dive Boat Skipper Conference or the ‘Diving On The Edge’ (DOTE) conferences. Keep an eye on our Events page for details of forthcoming events.

On a day-to-day basis we are able to offer a range of different bespoke events for groups, including tours of our facilities or talks at events. We can arrange Chamber Dives (‘Pot Dives’) for those who wish to experience what happens to a diver during recompression therapy.

Most of our events will incur a small fee or a request for a donation. We do subsidise the costs of our diver education activities as part of our charitable remit.

Diver Education Resources

As a result of our diving research programme, the ‘Health of Divers’, we have produced a number of information leaflets and Powerpoint presentations (with accompanying notes), which are available to download from the links below. These may be of particular interest to Dive Club Training Officers. These resources are designed to enable divers to understand how their their health and their diving might be affected by a variety of health issues of lifestyle choices.

If you have a question regarding your own personal health and how that may affect your diving, have a look at our ‘Can I dive with…?’ page of information for lots of advice from our Diving Doctors.

You may be interested in reading, discussing or using our series of ‘Diving Accident Scenarios’ which we publish via our blog and social media.

Diving Accident Scenario 1

Diving Accident Scenario 2: Diver with Rash

Please note: all downloads and resources from this site are provided for personal, non-commercial use only. Files should not be hosted on another website without the permission of DDRC Healthcare and the original copyright holders. Please contact us for any required permissions.

Partnerships & Collaborations

We work very closely with a number of agencies with an interest in diver safety education, such as the British Diving Safety Group (BDSG), the Coastguard, the RNLI and the major diving training bodies such as BSAC, PADI and others.

Television, Filming & Media

We are always keen to work with others who are helping to educate divers and the wider public about matters relating to diving and hyperbaric medicine.

Do you need a diving and/or hyperbaric medicine expert? Do you need a hyperbaric facility?

Find out more about what we might be able to offer you on our Media, Film & TV page.