We have a wide variety of courses available to the diving, offshore and maritime industries and include MCA, HSE and IMCA.

Our DDRC Professional Services Training Team have vast experience in the field and have a worldwide reputation for delivering high quality courses.

We offer a wide range of courses including STCW, HSE, IMCA and DMAC. Booking is easy with our 24hr online system.

More DDRC Professional Services

Aside from a comprehensive range of medical training courses, we also offer other services.

  • Industry standard occupational medicals for divers, offshore workers and those working at sea.
  • Consultancy services using our range of specialist skills, expertise and facilities.
  • A Diving Emergency Medical Advice service for the commercial diving industry.
  • Equipment testing under pressure in our hyperbaric chambers.

Client base

Our client base is very wide and varied.

  • UK and overseas commercial offshore and diving companies
  • UK Ministry of Defence
  • UK healthcare and social care industries
  • Emergency services workers
  • Diving and Hyperbaric Physicians worldwide
  • Overseas Government, military and private industry
  • Super-yachts and Mega-yachts worldwide
  • Hyperbaric nurses and chamber operatives
  • Television production companies
  • Expedition teams
  • Anyone planning on going to sea for work or pleasure, for a day trip or months away


As an organisation we have great credentials and hold a large number of accreditations.