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We can work with clients to design a bespoke training package to fit your needs – for example combining Diver Medic Training (DMT) and Hyperbaric Chamber Operator (CHOP) courses.

Drawing on our wide experience of diving, hyperbaric and remote medicine, the following are examples of some recent medic training packages provided for clients:

  • Medical Emergency Response Training (MERT)
  • Remote / expedition medic training – we have recently worked with National Geographic
  • Television filming  – we have worked with BBC Natural History Unit (Blue Planet) and Channel 5 (The World’s Greatest Bridges)
  • Super yachts – our trainers teach on board at their worldwide locations. The most popular course is Chamber Operator
  • Maritime security – MCA Medical Courses
  • Diver Medic Technician – Doctors from British Antarctic Survey
  • ‘PEG’ feeding, cannulation & catheterisation – Care Homes/ Hospital setting. We are developing an IV drug administration course for a client.

Our specialist diving and hyperbaric medicine doctors work alongside a team of experienced instructors, from very varied backgrounds including: the oil and gas industry; remote and offshore medicine; maritime and dive support industry; the military; nursing; commercial diving and sports diving; the police, fire service and paramedic Emergency First Responders.

We would be very happy to discuss your requirements. Please email or  call +44(0)1752 237137

“There are some training courses that are just that, and occasionally, there are those that are special for all the right reasons”