Charity Number: 279652

Old DDRC dive control panel being used to train hyperbaric chamber operators at DDRC

Global Medical Specialists You Can Trust

DDRC Healthcare is based on Plymouth Science Park in Plymouth and, as worldwide specialists in diving medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and medical training, we have an enviable range of highly specialised staff, facilities and knowledge.

The whole organisation employs approximately 60 staff as regular employees and contracted bank staff. Our turnover is in the region of £2 million per year.

DDRC Healthcare delivers a 24/7 diving and hyperbaric medical emergency service, plus our charitable diver health research and education activities.

DDRC Professional Services Ltd. delivers medical training, primarily for divers, offshore workers and seafarers.

DDRC Medical Services Ltd. delivers medical examinations.

DDRC Wound Care delivers specialised wound care management services with our Tissue Viability Nurses.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and a registered UK charity.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and work closely with the NHS and emergency services.

Charitable objectives: The advancement of education and the relief of sickness by:

I.The conduct of scientific and medical research into:

i) The effect upon the human body of exposure to altered pressure and/or gas environment

ii) Underwater diving safety

II.The prevention and treatment of medical conditions arising from exposure or an altered pressure and/or gas environment

III.The altered pressure and/or gas environment treatment of illness, disability or injury

IV.The provision of training in altered pressure and/or gas environment treatment, procedures and care environments

V.The education of the public about the effects upon the human body of exposure to altered pressure and/or gas environments

In these charitable objects ‘altered pressure and/or gas environment’ means any environment in which the pressure differs from that at sea level, and/or the constituent gases differ in nature or proportion to those present in air.

Organisational Values: Put patients first: Listen, learn, improve,Respect others: Be positive:Take ownership

Mission Statement: DDRC Healthcare aims to develop as a Centre of Excellence in Europe for Baromedical Research, Education and Treatment, while promoting, providing and increasing the availability of high quality cost-effective hyperbaric oxygen therapies.

DDRC Healthcare values its staff and is Real Living Wage compliant.