Charity Number: 279652

A DDRC talk in-session

Demonstrating a cardiac monitor equipment bought by fundraisers

Visits, Talks & Tours

**Please note covid-19 restrictions might mean numbers are limited, face masks are to be worn and lateral flow tests should be carried out before arrival.

What we do is fascinating! One of the best ways to find out more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to arrange a visit or a Talk and Tour. We welcome visitors, whether ex-patient, friend, supporter or just curious.

We offer structured Talk and Tours for groups, including a presentation on what we do and a tour of our incredible hyperbaric chambers. Whether you are medical professionals, divers or merely intrigued, we can tailor the content of the event to meet your needs. It usually lasts around two hours and the maximum group size is 12**.

It may be possible for us to give a Talk to your group, off site, depending upon our availability and your requirements. As a charity, we would request a donation in return please.

Britannia Royal Naval College: Thank you so much for arranging the opportunity for us to come across for a visit today, we spent the journey back to the college discussing everything we’d learned. The tour of the facility and explanation of how treatments are conducted with Chris was fascinating. We then had a really interesting presentation from Dr Ben who discussed various case studies of diving-related injuries.  

Chamber Dive or Pot Dive

We can arrange for groups (usually of divers) to safely experience pressurisation in one of our hyperbaric chambers. This is known as a Chamber Dive, Pot Dive or Dry Dive. This can be used to provide the compression chamber elements of HSE professional diver students.

For recreational divers we provide the PADI Recompression Chamber Awareness distinctive speciality, which offers a better understanding of compression chambers and how they are used in the treatment of DCI. The one-day course includes a pressurisation to 40m in one of our chambers. The syllabus also covers first aid for Decompression Illness (DCI) and rapid neurological assessment.

Get in touch with us to arrange a Visit, Talk & Tour, or Chamber Dive. 01752 209 999