Charity Number: 279652

Hyperbaric Chamber Interior

Inside our Krug Multi-place Hyperbaric Chamber

We offer emergency and non-emergency treatment, research, training and medical examinations at our facilities at the Hyperbaric Medical Centre in Plymouth.

We are located adjacent to Derriford Hospital (the Major Trauma Centre for the South West of England). Details of our full address, contact details and a location map can be found on the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Hyperbaric Treatment:

The Plymouth Hyperbaric Centre chamber complex houses one large, multi-place Krug chamber that can take up to nine people; two smaller, multi-place Comex chambers and one mono-place Perry chamber designed for solo patients.

Additional medical bays and a resuscitation room enable us to meet all our patients’ needs.

Medicals & Wound Care:

To meet the needs of our clients requiring diving medicals and occupational medicals, we have a suite of clinical bays and specialist equipment available to our suitably qualified physicians and technicians. We offer a range of medical examinations and tests, including ENG1, HSE Diver, Oil and Gas medicals or Shoulder Measurements for those working in confined spaces.

We have two dedicated, fully-equipped, wound care medical bays. These are used by our Clinical Team including our Specialist Tissue Viability Nurses (TVNs) and by DDRC Wound Care.

Medical Training Facilities:

We specialise in medical, hyperbaric, first aid and safety training. primarily for diving, offshore and maritime workers. Our facilities include four modern, clean and comfortable Training Rooms, all with multi-media projection systems and air conditioning. Free on site car parking is available to students.

The most popular courses we offer include IMCA Diver Medic Technician (DMT), HSE Offshore Medic, First Aid at Work and MCA STCW medical and first aid courses. A full list of our training courses can be found via our Training page.

Our training methods focus on providing practical, realistic scenarios. Students also have access to our Hyperbaric Chamber complex, treatment areas, a mock sick-bay room, as well as equipment such as resuscitation manikins, paramedic kits, oxygen administration systems, AED’s, intra-osseus devices (bone injection gun), scoop stretchers and PEG feeding systems. We have further links with nearby external medical facilities.

If you want us to deliver an accredited course or bespoke training package at your location, this may also be possible – on land or at sea. Talk to us about the facilities that you have and what your training needs are.

Research Facilities:

In Plymouth we have our own library housing specialist resources and a laboratory, plus use of the other on site specialist facilities. The mono-place chamber is ideal to use for patient clinical trials. Our hyperbaric chambers have been used to test a wide variety of equipment and processes, with industrial and academic partners.

We have a number of research partnerships with academic and medical organisations, allowing us access to a wide range of additional research facilities.

Visiting Plymouth:

We are happy to provide guidance on suitable local accommodation for patients, students and visitors. Please use the contact form found here.

Plymouth: Hyperbaric Medical Centre, Research Way, Plymouth Science Park, Derriford, Plymouth PL6 8BU