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Feedback and Testimonials

We work hard to provide an excellent level of customer service and to continuously improve. Customer involvement and feedback is an important element of achieving this.

Feedback from our patients, students and customers, whether in person, by letter or online via social media or via our contact form is always welcome. Please do not disclose personal medical information on this form.

Where full permission is given to us, we enjoy being able to share the testimonials of our patients, clients and staff. Below are a few examples which we hope you will find informative. Case studies from some patients are also available.

We hold registrations and accreditations with many regulatory organisations and awarding bodies, including the UK Charity Commission and the Care Quality Commission.

Complaint procedure

If you do find yourself in a position where you feel you want to raise a concern or make a complaint, we will work with you to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Please speak to any member of staff about your experience or issue, or ask for the Centre Manager. Finally, if necessary you can put any complaint in writing to our CEO Dr Gary Smerdon at Hyperbaric Medical Centre, Plymouth Science Park, Plymouth PL6 8BU.


Feedback received

Paramedic Technician 3rd year student (ex Royal Navy Submariner, a diver, water rescue volunteer at the 2012 Olympics) on placement with us

“I was very aware of the work of DDRC Healthcare in their support of emergency divers suffering from Decompression Illness or the ‘bends’ but not at all aware of the wound care treatment carried out here. I did not realise that referred patients come here for hyperbaric treatment and, if required, highly specialised wound care to complement their treatment. Senior Nurse Ali Bishop heads up a team of highly skilled and trained specialist tissue viability nurses and I was blown away with her knowledge and dedication. The whole place is friendly and welcoming and staff have time to spend with their patients.”

Student feedback on an MCA STCW maritime medical course

“There are some training courses that are just that, and occasionally, there are those that are special for all the right reasons.”

Patient testimonial from DDRC Wound Care

“Over the years I have been forced to manage pressure sores… The sores are not only a source of anxiety, as they are prone to infection, they also can stop me from taking a full part in everyday life, not least because they make you feel so unwell. Just imagine feeling as though you had the ‘flu all the time!

In total I attended the clinic for three/four visits and the total experience was very positive, as not only did I learn about wound care but I felt I was part of the team looking after my body.

All the care I received was based on a scientific based research approach. The wound was thoroughly cleaned with diluted tee-tree oil and silicone based gauze was used to cover the wound. I was taught how to look after the wound between each visit.

The wound healed within 6 weeks, much to everyone’s amazement! I had been managing this wound for over a year.

My wish would be that everyone suffering from the effects of pressure sores could have access to the knowledge and care that I was so fortunate to receive.

All that remains is for me to say that I cannot express my gratitude enough to the dedicated team at DDRC Wound Care who have in essence given me back my health and independence”

Student feedback on FREC3 Conversion Course

The Trainer’s “passion shows through and with a lot of experience he is able to put the subject matter across very effectively. The course had a great pace between theory and practical. The books and handouts are excellent and a great resource for the future. Facilities are excellent and all staff are friendly and welcoming. Would highly recommend this course to others.”