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Dr Kevin Fong filming inside a hyperbaric chamber at DDRC Healthcare

Dr Kevin Fong filming at DDRC Healthcare

Planning A Filming Expedition?

We have worked with a number of film production companies planning global expeditions to remote places. When medical services are potentially a long way away, it is vital your team is adequately prepared for any health emergency. Depending on your set up and whether you are travelling with a medic, different members of the team may require different levels of medical knowledge – but a basic First Aid at Work certificate is just not going to be enough!

Our experienced staff can help provide essential medical training for your team, whether they are planning to travel by land, sea (on it or under it!) or ice.  Additionally, we can carry out kit checks and individual medical examinations to ensure the team is fit, prepared and ready to go.

Often your medical training needs can be met with one of our standard, accredited training courses. However, we can discuss your specific, individual needs and create a bespoke training package to meet them. Please do get in touch to talk to us about what you are planning so that we can advise you on the options that may suit you best.

Need a Hyperbaric Facility Film Location?

Are you looking for a hyperbaric medical facility to film in? Past clients have come to us to help them to explain about the science behind changes of pressure and what happens within a hyperbaric environment. We have a number of different hyperbaric chambers within our facility which can be accessed (subject to the requirements of medical emergencies) for filming.

There are some technical issues related to filming in a hyperbaric environment, but our Operations Director and Chamber Superintendent can advise you on how best to deal with those. We can advise on health and safety aspects, as well as recommendations related to achieving the best filming results.

Need an Expert in Diving or Hyperbaric Medicine?

Our highly skilled and experienced staff can advise you on technical, historical and scientific aspects of diving medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the facilities. We can provide either ‘backroom’ advice and guidance, or if required, staff able to appear on camera. Please talk to us about your ideas.

Previous Clients

We have been privileged to work with some world class broadcasters, camera operators and film makers, including; Monty Halls, Dr Kevin Fong (‘To Boldly Go’), the BBC (Natural History Unit), production company Two Four Group, Channel 5 (The World’s Greatest Bridges, Monty Hall’s Dive Mysteries ) and Two Four Group, ‘Impossible Engineering’ for Yesterday channel. This involved our Chief Executive Dr Gary Smerdon talking about Caissons disease experienced by the men working on the Royal Albert Bridge over the River Tamar.

Broadcaster Monty Halls outside the Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber

Broadcaster Monty Halls outside the DDRC Healthcare hyperbaric chamber with Chamber Operator Jon Parlour