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Person undertaking a medical including heart and breathing rate on an exercise bike

Medical staff undertaking a medical including heart and breathing rate on exercise bike

Do you have a query about your health prior to diving?

If you have diving health concerns, for example about medical conditions or medicines, you may need to submit a ‘Fitness to Dive’ query form to our Diving Doctors. Please complete separate submissions for each individual diver.

Please note:

Due to the start of the diving season, we are currently receiving a much higher than average number of fitness to dive inquiries. We will endeavour to reply in a timely manner, but there may be a significant delay in receiving a response.

For complex inquiries, we may require you to request information from your GP which may also prolong the process.

If you have an upcoming dive trip please inquire sooner rather than later!

  1. Please review the ‘Can I Dive with?’ section prior to contacting us as this answers many of the questions raised.
  2. If you still have a Fitness to Dive query please complete the form below, send an email to info@ddrc.org or send your enquiry by post for one of our doctors to review.  Telephone enquiries are only taken for those with a diving emergency.
  3. On submission, your inquiry will be processed by the medical secretary. Most inquiries will require a Sport Diving Medical Referee Form to be completed for which there will be a £20 administration fee. If the doctor requires you to attend any further appointments, you will be informed of the charges.
  4. Prior to a doctor signing the Sports Diver Medical Referee Form, more information, tests or investigations may be required. These may incur additional costs, for example:
  • GP patient information – your GP may charge a fee for this and you are responsible for obtaining the information
  • Face to face Sports Diver Medical with DDRC Healthcare £80
  • Asthma Stress Test – £140 including Sports Diver Medical
  • X-rays or CT scans – which may need to be done privately and may require GP referral.
  • Blood tests –  can be carried out at DDRC Healthcare but will incur a charge.
  • Referral to specialists- may need to be done privately.

Please note the following:

DDRC Healthcare has a team of highly trained Diving Doctors who specialise in diving medicine and management of diving accidents. As well as offering services to the diving community and emergency services, there are a number of patients treated here daily for the NHS, and we have to prioritise their care.

Fitness to Dive advice and sport diving medicals are not funded by the NHS. DDRC Healthcare does not make a profit on these services. Fees are used to maintain the service because it is seen as a vital service for the diving community.

Signing of Sports Diving Medical Referee Forms:

If you are considered fit to dive, after review of your case by one of the team, a Sports Diving Medical Referee Form will be signed for a considered period of time. Some individuals may be able to dive but will have restrictions put in place to allow safe diving such as depth limits, no deco diving or diving only in warm climates.

Unfortunately, some medical conditions are incompatible with safe diving and some individuals may be declared unfit to dive. Our doctors are all divers themselves and will be keen to help you find a way to continue diving if it is reasonable to do so.

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