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NB. If you are using this 5′ neuro assessment you may suspect the diver has DCI.  Please call a qualified Diving Physician for advice at:

DDRC Healthcare 01752 209 999

England & Wales 07831 151 523

Scotland: 0345 408 6008

At sea call the Coastguard on Channel 16

Neurological signs and symptoms of decompression illness are important. Some can be obvious and some can be subtle. This 5 minute neurology exam is a condensed version of the neurology exam we would do at the DDRC Healthcare. It is a useful tool to assess a diver following a diving incident. It is easy to repeat to assess progression of neurological signs and symptoms over time.

A copy can be downloaded to laminate and keep on your dive boat.

Download or view the 5 minute Neurology Exam for Divers