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UK Sports Diver Medical

Diving medicals are not compulsory in the UK as divers now complete a self-declaration medical form. You may find however that many diving related organisations will require one from you, including dive clubs, dive boats and diving holiday operators.

If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions on the self declaration form, it is strongly recommended that advice should be sought from a trained Diving Medical Referee. We have doctors who are qualified as UKDMC Diving Medical Referees.

Outcomes from the review of a Sport Diving Medical Referee Form include:

– that the doctor (Diving Medical Referee) may be able to sign the form off,

– the doctor may need further information from you/your GP,

– or a Sports / Recreational Diving Medical and other medical tests may be recommended.

How Much Do I Need to Pay?

A small charge of £20 is usually made towards the cost of our doctors’ time for reviewing the self declaration form. If further information is needed from your GP/consultant for the examining doctor to be able to provide a thorough assessment, any further charges are the responsibility of the person undergoing the medical.

The costs of a Sports Diver Medical may vary depending upon individual circumstances and requirements. You cannot book this type of medical online with us, due to varying requirements of individual assessments. To book, please telephone our offices on 01752 209 999.

Concerned About Your Fitness to Dive?

If you have concerns about whether or not you are fit to dive, please take a look at the information on our ‘Can I Dive With’ pages.

If these pages do not answer your diving health question, please get in touch with our Diving Doctors via the Fitness to Dive form.

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