Charity Number: 279652

DDRC Team with Kernow Federation representatives with fundraising cheque

Kernow Dive Festival 2017 cheque presentation

We Do Need Your Support

DDRC Healthcare is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity. We have been working hard since 1980 to achieve our charitable aims linked to Treatment, Education and Research.

We generate our own income, but we also rely upon donations to help make a difference, for example by improving the patient experience or enhancing diver safety.

Aren’t you funded by the NHS?

We are only funded by the NHS to provide an emergency service for patients with a limited number of specific conditions. Other conditions approved for treatment are not currently funded by the NHS. As with all NHS funding this is under constant review.

How are donations to DDRC spent?

Due to the amazing fundraising support we receive we have been able to update some vital pieces of equipment including a new heart monitor, ventilator and syringe drivers. This enables us to continue to work at the highest level and to treat patients who may require intensive care support. Our patient care is delivered by a highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary team of hyperbaric doctors, nurses and chamber staff.

Further details of where your gifts and donations go can be found on our fact sheet: How are donations to DDRC spent?

YOU CAN HELP US to raise more money. Below are some ideas of ways that you can give us your valuable support.

Fundraising/ Donations

  • Donate online via
  • Fundraise! Have fun with friends, family or members of your club/group, raising money. Run, swim, dive, sit in a bath of baked beans – whatever takes your fancy!!! #DoIt4DDRC 
  • Leave us a legacy in your will. If you want to do this, take advice from your solicitor and ensure we know what your wishes are.
  • Become a regular giver via direct debit. We kindly request a minimum donation of £25 annually or £5 per month.
  • Ask a company to nominate us as their ‘Charity of the Year’ or hold a corporate fundraising event.

Shop online via GiveAsYouLive

Do you shop online? Most of us do! Thousands of your usual stores will donate money to us, at NO COST TO YOU, if you shop via

To make sure you don’t forget download the GiveAsYouLive toolbar or App. Easy!

Share Your Story

Words are powerful. If you have a positive experience with us we would love to hear about it. If you are happy to do so, we would love to be able to share your words with others too. People like to hear about the experiences of others, so if you are prepared to provide a quote, a testimonial or feature as a case study, we would be very grateful.

You can also help by spreading the word to others about the work of DDRC Healthcare, information on diver safety and about hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


You could participate in our research studies or attend a Talk & Tour or Chamber Dive to extend your knowledge about our work.

Please get in touch. We’d love to help.

Speak to us about what you have in mind. We may be able to help you with sponsorship forms, fundraising activity ideas, event management tips or ways of promoting your event.

If you want to share your story, but you aren’t sure what exactly to say, our Communications Manager, Kathryn Epps, will be happy to work with you.

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