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Treatment: Hyperbaric medicine is used to treat a wide range of conditions. We are best known for treating divers with decompression illness (DCI) or ‘the bends’, but only approximately one third of our patients are divers. The majority of our patients are treated under the NHS and we work closely with NHS colleagues from across the country to support both emergency and non-emergency patients.

What is DCI? 

We use Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) therapy to treat a specific list of conditions for which there is strong evidence that the treatment is effective. HBO involves patients breathing 100% oxygen whilst inside a pressurised treatment chamber. At DDRC Healthcare we only use HBO to treat those conditions for which there is a sufficient evidence base. Please see Information for Patients and Information for Medical Professionals regarding conditions we can treat.

There are some conditions that we do not treat as the evidence base is not great enough to justify the treatment process.

Wound care: DDRC Wound Care Ltd offers private specialist care to the public for a variety of wounds but with emphasis on treating difficult to heal chronic wounds including leg ulcers. The services it provides are separate to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy that is provided DDRC Healthcare.

Research: From our beginning we have retained a strong focus on research activities. Through collaborations, partnerships and PhD studentships, we conduct research into diving diseases, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the effect of hyperbaric environments. Our research is widely published. 

Training & Education: DDRC Professsional Services Ltd is a not-for-profit subsidiary of DDRC Healthcare and supports the training requirements of the UK Commercial diving industry and also provides diving, offshore, renewable energy & maritime medicals. DDRC Professional Services has extended its operations worldwide embracing the diving, offshore, maritime and health sectors.have a highly skilled and experienced Training Team providing a wide range of top quality medical First Aid and hyperbaric courses. 

Our students come from all over the world and our trainers deliver training courses worldwide including Thailand, Gozo, Georgia, Poland, Guernsey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, USA,Tahiti and the Bahamas.

Our work is accredited by a long list of professional bodies and credit awarding bodies, including, HSE, IMCA and DAN. ELCAS training credits can be used for the HSE Offshore Medic course.

We also offer Fitness to dive advice which is not funded by the NHS. We see it as part of our charitable work for the diving community. The Fitness to Dive Query form can be found here.


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