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04 February 2019

Ali Bishop, Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist at DDRC Wound Care, talks about how having a long-term, hard to heal wound, can impact on mental health as well as physical health.

One in four of us experiences mental health problems in any given year yet we all still find it hard to discuss with our friends and peers. ‘Time to Talk Day’ is an opportunity to have a conversation about mental health and so improve relationships, remove stereotypes and aid recovery. It need only take one smile and “How are you?” to improve someone’s day and this might be enough to open up about thoughts and feelings.

Having a wound can lead to stress, anxiety and depression with feelings of isolation and restrictions on your lifestyle. These mental health factors are often overlooked. Popping in to see a friend who has a wound or taking them out somewhere can really make a difference to their low feelings. Chat to them about their thoughts and experiences. We often find people have many concerns about their wound and physical healing is just one of them. Other concerns can be associated with being able to get out and about, working, socialising and wanting to feel more positive.

Fear of stigma and discrimination can lead people to keep their feelings to themselves. This results in them not seeking help in a timely manner and makes it hard to maintain relationships. Use ‘Time to Talk Day 2019’ on Thursday 7th February (or any other day!) to help break down these barriers over a lovely cup of tea.