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Hong Kong Fire Service Diving Unit members

13 February 2018

Introducing the Hong Kong Fire Service Diving Unit

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department (HKFSD) provides emergency firefighting and rescue on land and at sea.  The Diving Unit has about 150 active divers. 120 are stationed in the Diving Unit and 30 in the Airport Fire Contingent.

The Diving Unit is responsible for all aquatic search and rescue operations within Hong Kong waters. They work down to a maximum depth of 50 metres, using compressed air diving equipment and underwater breaking-in tools. They operate a three-compartment compression chamber on Stonecutters Island, treating patients with decompression illness, or requiring hyperbaric oxygen treatment. (Ref:

Our Bespoke Training Package

Students from the HKFSD come here regularly to update and refresh their hyperbaric and diving medical skills. They recognise DDRC Healthcare as being a global centre of excellence for diving and hyperbaric medicine training. Usually with us for four weeks, our team of experienced Trainers and Physicians ensure that they have a warm welcome alongside their bespoke training package. By the end of their visit they qualify in:

The Fire Training course is held at Crownhill Fire Station in Plymouth, on this occasion attended also by our Trainer and ex Fire Officer, Tim Mockridge.

A Very Warm Welcome

This was the first time this particular team had been to Plymouth and they thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality. They commented on the warm welcome they received everywhere they went around Plymouth.

On arrival the Hong Kong team gifted to our Operations Director, Peter Atkey, a beautiful ceremonial fire axe. On their departure we presented them with an engraved glass. They were looking forward to getting home just in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

We hope to have a further team visiting us soon.