Charity Number: 279652


18 November 2019

DDRC Healthcare Operations Director, Peter Atkey, recently attended the latest EBAss board meeting hosted by the hyperbaric facility at General Hospital in Gozo, Malta. 

EBAss Board members with Operations Director Peter Atkey far right

Peter has been an EBAss board member since 2003 and for the past 9 years has been the President of the Accreditation Committee responsible for inception and management of the EBAss/ECHM/ECB accredited training and examination system. 

“This scheme put in place the first European internationally recognised training and accreditation system for hyperbaric personnel; initially this scheme offered independently accredited certification for hyperbaric chamber operators (ECHCO) and nurses (ECHRN).  From there the scheme progressed to offer certification for intensive care nurses, Monoplace operators and finally Hyperbaric Safety Manager. 

DDRC Healthcare’s chamber staff all have, or are working towards, one of these qualifications.”

EBAss Belgium officially closed for business at the board meeting last year and EBAss UK was recognised (EBAss Uk registered charity number: 1183525) as the new corporate entity of EBAss and therefore would take over management from that point onwards.  The UK charity has now become settled and is set to take EBAss forward over the coming years.