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    Wed 8:30 AM - Wed 5:00 PM
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Free one day information and training event for professional dive boat skippers and crew


Professional Dive Boat Skipper Day

Dive boat skippers or their crew can be the initial person to recognise a diving incident is occurring, provide initial first aid, as well as working with emergency services to coordinate the evacuation of an injured diver. It may be that they are having to deal with all of this simultaneously.

In line with the charity’s aims to optimise and streamline management of a diving incident, DDRC Healthcare realises the importance of working with experienced professional dive boat skippers and their crews  in providing a platform for discussion and education. 

The Professional Dive Boat Skipper Day offers the opportunity for skippers and crew to receive up to date information from representatives of rescue services and DDRC Healthcare’s experienced Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine doctors and trainers.

The event will enable skippers to share best practice, ask questions and to learn more about how to manage a possible diving accident, for example recognising the symptoms of decompression illness (known as DCI or ‘the bends’) and how to help rescue and recover a diver in difficulty.

There will be practical sessions covering DCI recognition, neurological examination,  Basic Life Support and oxygen administration. 

This event is aimed specifically at professional dive boat skippers and is FREE to skippers and crew .

The all day event will include:

  • DDRC Healthcare doctors discussing how to identify and deal with decompression illness (DCI)
  • Input from a variety of speakers (e.g. RNLI, Coastguard)
  • Case studies
  • Practical sessions on Basic Life Support and oxygen administration
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Free parking


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