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The Master and any worker delegated to take charge of medical care on board vessels, must hold a recognised Proficiency in Medical Care or Updated Proficiency in Medical Care Certificate, issued within the last five years. This will enable them to conduct medical procedures on board while in remote locations in accordance with STCW Convention and Code 1978, as amended, Section A-VI/4-1. This course moves on from Medical First Aid and concentrates on teaching medical diagnosis using a combination of symptom observation, and the Ship's Captain Medical Guide enabling the student to be the eyes and ears of the doctor at the end of the radio.


Core Activities

  • Focus on teaching longer term medical care of casualties using the contents of the Category A Medical Kit
  • Minor surgical procedures such as suturing and catheterisation
  • Urine testing and the administering of injections
  • Theory lectures balanced with practical scenarios
  • Simulated ship’s medical room and live ‘casualties’ (actors) increase the sense of realism

Core Modules: Medical Care on Board 

  • Physiology
  • Taking a medical history - measurement of vital signs with a view to making a diagnosis
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Trauma management
  • ENT, dental and ophthalmology
  • Communicable diseases
  • Hypothermia and Hyperthermia
  • Medications
  • Use of clean and sterile techniques
  • Setting up intravenous fluid infusions
  • Insertion of urinary catheter
  • Suturing and parenteral administration of drugs
  • Methods of casualty transfer

Accreditations Offered

  • MCA
  • STCW

Duration and Recertification: The course is delivered over 5 days with recertification (minimum 3 day course) required every 5 years.
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