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25 February 2019

Fundraising girls inside the Krug hyperbaric chamber on a tour of DDRC
Inside the Krug multi-place hyperbaric chamber with the hood that delivers oxygen to patients.

Some enterprising young ladies from Plymouth College independent school have generously raised and donated £164.16 to hyperbaric medicine charity DDRC Healthcare.

Darcey and Lily were joined by four more of their friends in holding a cake sale at school. Between them they baked delicious cupcakes, cookies, red velvet cake, brownies, gingerbread men and a ‘legendary’ fridge cake!

The cake bake was the idea of Darcey, who’s parents are both recreational divers. She was particularly interested in the way that hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy can also be used to treat patients who have problem wounds such as tissue damage from radiation used during cancer treatment.

Fundraising girls inside the Comex hyperbaric chamber
Inside the Comex hyperbaric chamber

The girls were given a tour of our Hyperbaric Medical Unit at Plymouth Science Park, by Chamber Supervisor Jason. This gave them the chance to see for themselves how hyperbaric oxygen therapy is delivered and to be thanked for their generosity and hard work. They also accidentally learned some physics during their half term!

At the end of their tour they had time to take ‘essential’ selfies and declared the chamber facility an excellent place to play hide and seek!

Fundraising girls peering around the door of the Krug hyperbaric chamber
An excellent place to play Hide and Seek apparently!

If you want to arrange a Talk and Tour please do get in touch.

Or if you are interested in making a donation or fundraising for us we would of course be very grateful for your support.