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08 July 2019

Every year we offer a Junior Doctor post to give the opportunity of working in the discipline of hyperbaric medicine.

Dr Lizzie Freeman standing beside DDRC signage
Junior Doctor Dr Lizzie Freeman

Dr Lizzie Freeman is our current Junior Doctor who started her life in Cheddar, Somerset. During her time at Cambridge Lizzie studied Natural Sciences with Pharmacology during her final year. With a First degree Lizzie decided she preferred working with people than in a lab and so chose to study medicine at Kings College, London. Following her graduation she worked in Worthing, London St Thomas’s Hospital and as a locum in Derriford Hospital’s ED.

Lizzie’s interest in diving peaked in 2018 when she trained as a Dive Master, spending 3 months in Timor-Leste to get her qualification. During her time at Cambridge she took part in a conservation research expedition to Honduras with Operation Wallacea. Following this the opportunity came up for Lizzie to spend her Junior Doctor post at DDRC Healthcare and she was very keen to apply.

Why did you decide to apply Lizzie: ” I had an awareness of hyperbaric medicine and knew a training anaesthetist at Derriford hospital who is an on call doctor for DDRC. However it was a first for me to be inside a hyperbaric chamber when I first came here. I also really enjoy other areas of diving pathologies, treatments and fitness to dive inquiries.

I plan to do plenty of diving in Plymouth and in the Summer I will be lucky enough to be diving in Madagascar.”