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05 March 2020

Once again we welcome Junior Doctor Ed Shattock to DDRC. Every year we offer placements to doctors to learn more about hyperbaric and diving medicine. These placements are invaluable in the doctors learning and also raises awareness of hyperbaric medicine for the treatment of DCI in divers and further conditions in routine patients.

Photo of Dr Ed Shattock
Dr Ed Shattock

Where do you come from Ed? I grew up in Warrington, Cheshire and studied in Sheffield and have lived there since 2010.

What drew you to apply for the Junior Doctor post? I got hooked on diving in Honduras in 2010 and have tried to dive in lots of different places since then. When I studied medicine I found out a little about hyperbaric medicine and found it very interesting so thought I should pursue it more. I can’t actually remember where I heard about DDRC! But I did end up coming on a taster day last year and had a good look round and a chat with the other SHOs who were really helpful and very positive about working here.  

What do you think will be the most challenging part of your learning here?Having never worked in A&E, I think the acute aspect of the job will have the steepest learning curve but also be the most exciting and rewarding part

And after this post? After DDRC I hope to train to become a GP with the aim of having a specialist interest in sports medicine and diving medicine.

Tell me about your hobbies and interests. Outside work I am a keen swimmer, runner and cyclist and enjoy being outside as much as possible. Also diving but I feel like that is a bit of a prerequisite for the job!