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We have been conducting research into the effects of diving on human physiology since the charity began in 1980 as the Diving Diseases Research Centre (DDRC). Our researchers have conducted some very large surveys into diving behaviour and their associated effects on the diver. The results of these studies have been published and are available to download from the links below. These projects are being carried out in collaboration with university academics at the forefront of their research fields. 

This project looks into  a variety of health issues that might affect the recreational diver. Recently completed research as part of the 'Health of Divers' project include 'Diving and Drugs' (prescribed, over-the-counter and recreational) 'Diving and Alcohol' and 'Cardiac Health'. The cardiac health results were presented at the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) annual scientific meeting in the USA in June 2014 and the findings will be available here soon.  The ‘Health of Divers’ project was presented to the UHMS meeting in Montreal in 2015 where Marguerite St Leger Dowse was presented with the Associates Award for Excellence in Presentation. Our current 'Mental Fitness of Divers' survey will be reported on soon.

Any research related enquiries can be emailed to research@ddrc.org or directed to our Research Director Dr Gary Smerdon. 

Full Research Papers 

'Health of Divers'programme

Cardiac Health

Alcohol and Diving

Medication and Diving

Illicit Drugs and Diving

Powerpoint Presentations

Alcohol and Diving        Diabetes and Diving

Asthma and Diving        Illicit Drugs and Diving

DCI and Diving              Women and Diving 

PDF with notes

Alcohol and Diving        Diabetes and Diving

Asthma and Diving        Illicit Drugs and Diving

DCI and Diving              Women and Diving

All downloads and resources from this site are provided for personal use only. Files should not be hosted on another website without the permission of DDRC Healthcare and the original copyright holders. Please email research@ddrc.org if you require any further assistance.



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