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A one day course presented by a qualified accredited Resuscitation Council ALS Instructor.


The Immediate Life Support (ILS) course is suitable for doctors, medical students, nurses, nursing students, midwives, ODPs, cardiac technicians, ROs, as well as healthcare providers such as physiotherapists, dental nurses, dentist and ambulance technicians. It may also be suitable for fire service technicians, police personnel and prison officers.

Course content

  • Improving patient outcomes from cardiac arrest and deterioration
  • Recognising deterioration and preventing cardio respiratory arrest
  • In-hospital resuscitation
  • Advanced Life Support algorithm
  • Airway management and ventilation
  • Cardiac arrest rhythms – monitoring and recognition
  • Defibrillation
  • Post- resuscitation care
  • Pulse oximetry and oxygen therapy
  • Making decisions about CPR
  • Drugs commonly used during the treatment of cardiac arrest
  • Useful links 

Course delivery 

Theory sessions followed by practical scenarios and team management session. 


Immediate management of the above.


Qualified medical or emergency personnel.


This course can be run as either a DDRC or a Resuscitation Council approved course and is valid for 1 year.