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AMEDs are Medical Examiners approved by the HSE to perform statutory medical examinations / assessments for the Diving at Work Regulations 1997. Under these regulations, all divers at work must have a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive issued annually by an AMED. You must have a recognised qualification in Occupational Medicine (minimum of Diploma) to become an Approved Medical Examiner of Divers (AMED). This 2 day refresher course is designed specifically to enable AMEDs to refresh their eligibility to practise and thus cater to that need.


This 2 day course is for established AMEDs who will require recertification every 5 years in order to keep up to date with industry changes. However many doctors undertaking the Level 1 course do so for a variety of other reasons including expedition medicine, UK sports diver medicals (see UK  Diving Medical Committee website) and for general interest, so the Level 1 Refresher is not restricted just to HSE AMEDs.

Due to resource constraints, HSE implemented a moratorium on new applications for AMEDs from 1 September 2010. Therefore any lapse in refresher training may preclude further opportunities to practise as an AMED. The course is seminar based using problem based and experiential learning as a method of understanding and developing new learning. Skill stations are also used as a learning method together with group discussion. Students are encouraged to bring examples of cases they wish to discuss with the group. A pre-reading list will be sent out on application to the course and it is strongly advised that students attend the course having updated themselves particularly with regard to diving physics and physiology.

A closed book examination is used as guidance for individual further learning needs. Prerequisites/Entry Requirements Established AMED (Level 1 Medical Examiner of Divers) Course Duration 2 days, usually a Thursday and Friday



On completion of this two day course, students will received a DDRC Certificate of Attendance.


Students must already have a DMAC Level 1 (Medical Examiner of Divers) Certificate.