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The Offshore Medic Refresher course is required every three years and includes training and assessment in CPR, first aid, AED, oxygen administration and intravenous/osseous techniques.


The HSE Offshore Medic Blended Refresher course allows the initial learning to be completed via distance learning over 2-3 months, followed by one week attendance at DDRC.  

Students complete distance learning modules supported by a tutor, followed by an assessment after each module.

Students will need to complete three assignments prior to attending the 5 day practical module in Plymouth.  These assignments should be returned at least one week prior to the course.

A pass mark of 75% in all modules is required prior to entry onto the practical week. An initial assessment will take place on the first day of the attendance course.



Certification includes:

  • HSE Offshore Medic certificate
  • HSE Offshore First Aid certificate
  • DDRC Certificate of Attendance: Oral examination on Offshore Medicine by Physician
  • DDRC Certificate of Attendance: Thrombolysis
  • DDRC Certificate of Attendance: Diving Injuries


Students must already hold the HSE Offshore Medic Certification.