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27 October 2020

We have recently welcomed out two new Junior Doctors Megan and Ross.

Megan grew up in Buckinghamshire, but moved up north to go to medical school in Leeds, and stayed there to work in the hospitals around Leeds for a few years after qualifying. Ross carried out his medical training in Newcastle and has worked in London and South Africa.

Why did you want to become a doctor?

Megan Of course I wanted to help people, and being a doctor seemed like a good mix of science, which I always enjoyed, and getting to meet and work with a lot of different people. I don’t think you quite know what you’re letting yourself in for until you start the job, but luckily I enjoyed being a doctor from day one! Since qualifying I’ve discovered that there are far more varied and interesting opportunities in medicine than I ever imagined, and I feel very lucky to have chosen this career.

And Ross? There is obviously a science element that I really enjoy that involves applying physiology to real life situations but the best part of medicine is meeting all sorts of people. It is a real pleasure to get to know patients from all walks of life, share experiences with staff from all over the world and often travel to places where my work is still useful and can have a positive impact.

Both Megan and Ross are very keen divers and wish to continue their diving experience whilst in Plymouth. However, both doctors have had experience in much warmer waters!

Megan I first learnt to dive aged 12 or 13 on a family holiday to Egypt, and since then I’ve been lucky enough to dive in Malta, Tanzania, Croatia, Madagascar and Panama. I’ve seen some beautiful reefs and have also done a little wreck diving. I think my favourite ever dives were night dives with bioluminescent plankton. Seeing thousands of glowing specks of plankton in the water was absolutely stunning, and an experience I’ll never forget. I also really enjoyed working in a dive shop in Panama whilst doing my divemaster, although leading dives with newly qualified and nervous clients made for a significantly less relaxing experience!

Ross Relaxing in 30 degree water at 5 to 10 metres over healthy reef in Honduras takes some beating, but I think it is just second to the excitement of diving with Pelagic animals usually seen in deeper water with current off the coast of South Africa.

You applied for your placement at DDRC – what made you interested in hyperbaric medicine? Did you know about DDRC prior to applying?

Megan I remember reading about DDRC a few years ago on Adventure Medic, a website for doctors interested in expedition or remote medicine, and it definitely piqued my interest. I then signed up to volunteer as an expedition and dive medic in Madagascar, and visited London Diving Chamber for a scuba medic course in preparation for the trip. We did a dry dive in the chamber as part of the course and I found all of the physics and physiology of hyperbarics fascinating. I was delighted to find that DDRC Healthcare were hiring junior doctors and jumped at the chance to apply!

Ross I really enjoy the physiology related to hyperbaric medicine and its relevance to something I enjoy doing in my spare time. I had read about DDRC online and came down for a visit before applying and got a really warm welcome that made me a lot more confident that I would enjoy the job before applying.  

And finally what do you hope to learn during your time at DDRC?

Megan I’m looking forward to learning more about dive and hyperbaric medicine and the management of diving injuries, and it will also be great experience to get involved with some of the teaching on the courses that DDRC run, like Diver Medic Technician and Offshore Medic. Additionally, DDRC has previously delivered teaching to other doctors about the uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in various different conditions, which I think is really worthwhile and something that I would be keen to continue.

Ross To cure some Decompression Illness! Hopefully I will leave the role here at DDRC with a good understanding and confidence of how hyperbaric medicine can help divers, people with chronic wounds and other illness and put that to good use in my future career.

DDRC Healthcare offers Junior Doctor’ opportunities every year.