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Info for Patients

An intracranial abscess is a closed collection of pus and infection somewhere within the skull.

Hyperbaric Oygen Therapy (HBOT) is recognised to be a useful treatment alongside treatment provided in the hospital, i.e. antibiotics, neurosurgery and possibly intensive care involvement, in some patients. It is not standard and each case is carefully reviewed to decide if worthwhile.

Info for Professionals

HBOT is recognised by the UHMS as an appropriate treatment for intracranial abscess, which includes cerebral abscess, subdural empyema and epidural empyema.

The evidence for this was reviewed by Lampl et al (2008) and found to show lower mortality in the HBOT treated group.Appropriate individuals would be those with multiple abscesses, in deep location in an immunocompromised host and where surgery is contraindicated or there has been failure of standard treatments.

Cases are reviewed individually.

Further information regarding the Referral and Funding process can be found here.


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