DDRC Healthcare is a worldwide specialist in diving medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and medical training.

DDRC Healthcare delivers a 24/7 diving and hyperbaric medical emergency service. We have 24/7 on call teams consisting of a Diving Physician, Chamber Operator and Chamber Attendant. This service runs across 365 days and is capable of treating intensive care patients.

DDRC Professional Services and DDRC Medical Services are trading subsidiaries that provide training courses and both occupational and recreational medicals. Any profit generated supports DDRC Healthcare the charity (UK registered no. 279652).

Occupational medicals available to book including HSE, ENG1 and Oil&GasUK

Our team of doctors bring a wealth of experience and expertise.

To view our most popular medicals for industry ENG1, HSE, Oil&GasUK please follow the link below.

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Training courses available to book including MCA, HSE and IMCA

Our DDRC Professional Services Training Team have vast experience in the field and have a worldwide reputation for delivering high quality courses.

To view our most popular training courses for MCA, HSE and IMCA please follow the link below.


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