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DDRC Healthcare is a UK registered charity, specialising in diving and hyperbaric medicine, based at the Hyperbaric Medical Centre,Plymouth Science Park, Research Way,Plymouth, Devon PL6 8BU Tel +44(0)1752 209999. Directions can be found here.

We provide hyperbaric treatment & advice, education & training, and research. We promote, provide and work to increase the availability of high quality, cost effective, hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy.

Hyperbaric medicine is used to treat a wide range of conditions; from divers with decompression illness to people with foot ulcers caused by diabetes, and from carbon monoxide poisoning to hard-to-heal wounds.

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy involves breathing 100% oxygen, whilst under pressure in a hyperbaric chamber. This combination of increased pressure and increased oxygen has many effects from increasing the amount of oxygen available to the body tissues to be able to carry out vital functions, to compressing bubbles caused by decompression illness (DCI). 

Our two trading subsidiaries, DDRC Professional Services and Plymouth Wound Care, deliver services including medicals, training and specialised wound care. Any income generated is gifted to DDRC Healthcare to support our charitable work.

Finding out more about us and our work

You can view our latest published newsletter by clicking here  or read our 'RebelMouse' online newsletter by clicking here. Our online newsletter is updated weekly and well worth checking out to see all of our latest news and developments. More details of our activities can be found in our Biennial Report. 

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