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28 January 2019

Our specialist Tissue Viability Nurses, working for DDRC Healthcare and DDRC Wound Care provide some advice on caring for wounds and problem wounds. 

How long does it usually take for a wound to heal?

Normal wound healing can take up to 3 weeks. Through the process of normal wound healing the body has the ability to close a graze/cut on its own.

Why do some wounds take longer to heal?

This wound healing process may be delayed for a variety of reasons, such as medication, allergies, diseases such as diabetes and vascular disease.

If you are immune compromised, or if your nutritional intake is poor this can have a detrimental effect on healing. Lifestyle can be a factor, as well as obesity, smoking and impaired mobility.

How should I look after a wound?

Caring for a wound is very important. You need to keep it clean and dry, at the same time observing for signs of infection.

Within the first week of wound healing a wound can become red, hot to touch, painful and weepy. This is the process of normal wound healing. But if these symptoms persist or increase you should think about seeing your GP or practice nurse for further advice.

When you see your GP or practice nurse they will be able to give you specific information on how to care for your wound, for example when to change dressings and when to bathe.

What if I develop problems with my wound?

Deep or infected wounds will require medical intervention. You may need to have a course of antibiotics, pain relief medication or require additional wound care support. If you have any concerns about your wound you should seek medical advice.

For further information regarding the services available from DDRC Wound Care to privately funded patients, visit our website or call our nurses on 01752 237111.