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The Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (First Aid) Regulations 1989 placed a duty on those in control of offshore installations, pipeline works, or any associated activities to make provision for persons to administer first aid and emergency treatment to those who become ill or injured at work. This is a UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approved offshore medic training course which encompasses all aspects of the legal requirements, alongside the latest clinical thinking.


The HSE Offshore Medic course includes a stimulating and thorough mixture of theory, practical scenarios and placement in working medical/clinical departments. 

A four week course, the first two weeks are classroom based with the second two weeks being clinical attachments in a hospital trauma center working with nursing and medical staff, developing your practical skills. 

All course instructors are members of the Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Pre Hospital Care.

Core Activities

  • The course balances theoretical aspects with practical scenarios in a simulated offshore and maritime emergency environment
  • Use of a purpose built ship’s medical room and hyperbaric chamber environment is also available
  • ‘Live casualty’ actors increase the sense of realism
  • Clinical attachments

Core Modules: Offshore Medic

  • Intraosseous devices
  • Thrombolysis training
  • IV cannulation and injection techniques
  • Urinary catheterisation
  • Chest drain insertion
  • ENT conditions
  • Eye conditions
  • Intubation and advanced airway management
  • 12 lead ECG rhythm recognition
  • Communications
  • Medical emergencies
  • Suturing techniques and wound care
  • Use and administration of drugs
  • Common minor ailments including dermatological conditions
  • Managing diving emergencies

Other opportunities exist in areas of dentistry, along with risk assessment and health and safety management issues.

Accreditations Offered - HSE

An HSE Offshore Medic Certificate will be awarded to students completing the course, along with an HSE Offshore First Aid Certificate. The certificates are valid for 3 years, after which time a Refresher course will be required.

DDRC Professional Services is committed to the delivery of high quality training and support to our clients. We pride ourselves on listening to our client’s requirements and providing cost effective, high quality solutions tailored to client needs. DDRC Professional Services operates to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The procedures employed conform to client and company requirements and ensure the health, safety and welfare of all clients, preventing exposure to unacceptable risk.

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