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The Basic Hyperbaric Medicine course serves as an introduction to hyperbaric oxygen therapy with a view to understanding the benefits and risks of HBO and conducting safe and efficient patient treatments under pressure.


Core Activities

  • Understanding of the development of hyperbaric medicine into a globally recognised and effective treatment
  • Understanding the historical perspective and standardisation of medical practice for patient benefit
  • Theory and safety of delivery of hyperbaric treatments

Core Modules

  • Hyperbaric medicine historic perspective
  • Hyperbaric facility and organisation
  • Physics of pressure
  • Physiology and Pathophysiology under hyperbaric conditions
  • Oxygen therapy, safety and handling
  • Chamber technology
  • Medical terms
  • Decompression procedures and illness
  • Therapeutic tables
  • Approved indications
  • Contra indications and HBO side effects
  • Chamber safety and fire precautions
  • Patient monitoring
  • TcPO2 monitoring for patients
  • Patient assessment and management
  • Chamber Hygiene
  • Procedures and documentation

Accreditations offered

  • European Baromedical Association (EBAss)
  • European College of Baromedicine (ECB) - this accreditation is a prerequisite for those looking to achieve either European Certified Hyperbaric Chamber Operator (ECHCO) or European Certified Hyperbaric Registered Nurse (ECHRN) status
  • DDRC


  • EBAss - 2 yearly
  • ECB – 2 yearly
  • NBDHMT – 2 yearly

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