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The Diver Medic Technician course trains participants to administer advanced medical aid and life support skills for the management and treatment of diving casualties while at pressure and during saturation diving operations.


Core Activities

  • Familiarity with diving procedures and compression chamber operation
  • Administration of advanced first aid and life support.
  • Communication with the company doctor and execution of directions pending the arrival of more skilled medical aid.
  • Assistance of the diving supervisor with decompression procedures and advising when medical assistance is required.

Core Modules

  • Physiology
  • Taking a medical history - measurement of vital signs
  • Resuscitation & Administration of oxygen
  • Trauma management
  • Gas and fume exposure
  • Management of diving illness
  • Drowning
  • Nitrogen narcosis
  • Oxygen toxicity
  • Blast injury
  • High pressure nervous syndrome
  • Hypothermia and Hyperthermia
  • Hazards from medications and medical equipment
  • Under pressure
  • Advanced airway management
  • Use of clean and sterile techniques
  • Assistance in advanced airway management
  • Setting up intravenous fluid infusions
  • Assistance in the insertion of pleural drains
  • Insertion of urinary catheter
  • Suturing and parenteral administration of drugs
  • Methods of casualty transfer

DDRC Professional Services is committed to the delivery of high quality training and support to our clients. We pride ourselves on listening to our client’s requirements and providing cost effective, high quality solutions tailored to client needs. DDRC Professional Services operates to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The procedures employed conform to client and company requirements and ensure the health, safety and welfare of all clients, preventing exposure to unacceptable risk.


  • IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association)
  • DDRC - DMT for non-IMCA/recreational divers


Anyone can attend the course as a student, irrespective of background and qualifications.

However, in order to obtain an IMCA DMT, please note that students must: 

  • hold an offshore qualification in diving. This can be an LST, diving supervisor or a diver qualification recognised by IMCA (which is at an offshore grade)

A medical certificate is no longer required in order to attend the course and obtain an IMCA DMT certificate. 


  • Courses are delivered over 10 days (Monday - Friday).
  • All DMT certificates are valid for two years from the date of issue.
  • A 5-day refresher course must be completed every two years.  These can be attended up to 3 months prior to, or 8 weeks after the renewal date.