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Diving medicals are not compulsory in the UK as divers now complete a self-declaration medical form. However you may find that many diving related organisations will require a diving medical from you, including dive clubs, dive boats and diving holiday operators.

If you have a self-declaration medical form that requires a signature from a doctor, please book a consultation below and follow the instructions in your confirmation email. We have doctors who are qualified as UKDMC Diving Medical Referees.

UK based divers can get advice from our Diving doctors by booking a fitness to dive telephone consultation.

Following the telephone consultation the doctor will assist you in booking a face to face recreational dive medical (should it be required) here at DDRC Healthcare in Plymouth. For simple problems it may be possible to sign your self-declaration form without a face to face medical, however this depends on the medical problem.

(Please note that this Telephone Consultation service is not an NHS funded service (£5 payable charge on booking) and is only available to UK based divers: for advice in other countries please speak to your national diving association or training organisation.)

Unfortunately we are no longer able to give fitness to dive advice by email.

Some diving queries can be answered on our ‘Can I Dive With?‘ page

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