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Wound Care Nurses Jo, Al and Del

26 February 2019

One of our nurses, Del Waller, completed the Tissue Viability degree module in 2017 to support the work that she does here with managing problem wounds.

She followed this up with a ‘Debridement Techniques in Practice’ workshop at Birmingham City University in June 2018, which she found absolutely fascinating.

According to Del;

Pig trotter used for medical training purposes
Pig trotter used for medical training

“The workshop consisted of anatomy lectures, why and when would you need to debride devitalised tissue. It also covered the importance of removing dead tissue to promote wound healing. We had practical sessions, using pig shoulders and trotters to practice and hone our debridement techniques and skills.”

“Wound care at DDRC Healthcare is an important part of the nurses’ role. Having the expert knowledge and ability to be able to give the best care we can is vital. We see such a variety of wounds, some of which may require different degrees of debridement and being able to partake in this course, has given me the ability to give the care that these patients need.”


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