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Wenoll Products

Wenoll Products

Divers can unfortunately experience decompression illness (DCI) and if this happens, the diver benefits from having access to 100% pure oxygen during evacuation to a recompression facility. Carrying enough large, reserve, bottles of oxygen on board dive boats is not always feasible. Wenoll has developed a rebreather system, allowing the diver to breathe from an oxygen filled loop, where the oxygen is circulated continuously by the action of the diver breathing. No pump mechanism is required. We actually absorb a very small amount of oxygen for our metabolic needs, typically 0.5 litres per minute. This small amount of oxygen is all that is needed to be replenished from the oxygen supply cyclinder. With this system, very long durations of pure oxygen breathing can be achieved, with very small and light-weight cyclinders, which can be carried, stored and accessed very easily. The exhaled waste carbon dioxide (CO²) is removed as the exhaled gas pases through a scrubber, making the gas to be re-breathed clean.    

The Wenoll WS100, WS200 and WS300 are each supplied in robust carry cases making them effective 'grab bags' including everything you need to supply a diver with pure oxygen. The smallest system, teh WS100, can supply pure oxygen to one diver via a re-breather loop for around 7 hours plus, from a very small and manageable piece of kit. 

Aside from divers, other patients may need to be supplied with raised levels of oxygen continuously whilst travelling, or even in the air. The Wenoll WS150 is extremely small and portable with a weight of only 4.5kg. It is fully portable, independent of a power supply or a central gas supply. A carrying handle and shoulder strap ensure personal mobility. 

The INSPO² Module integrated into the Wenoll System supplies oxygen to patients according to their respiration pattern, under the control of an electronic unit. Patients automatically receive oxygen as their breathing necessitates it. Application times vary between approximately 11 hours (when patientis undertaking physical exercise) to 20 hours (when patient is at rest). 

For details of current Wenoll products and prices contact Peter Atkey, our Operations Director on 01752 209999 or email via info@ddrc.org  please see here for the 

Wenoll Product Information

WS100 Emergency oxygen case

WS105 Emergency oxygen case

WS110/120 Ultra small, light, powerful

WS150 All purpose in a slimline format

WS200 Emergency oxygen case

WS300 Emergency oxygen case

Circle Pack with carrying / shoulder strap

CO² Absorber with O² connecting tube 

O2 mobile GB

O2 Demand kits for a huge O2 reservoir

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