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HBO & Effects of Radiotherapy for Pelvic Cancers

When a person undergoes radiotherapy for a problem such as prostate or cervical cancer, as the other organs in the pelvis are in close proximity - they too can be affected. 

Over months and years radiotherapy can effect how well the organs function and cause problems. Examples include radiation proctitis (inflammation of the rectum) or radiation cystitis (inflammation of the bladder).

HBO can help improve what are often troublesome and uncomfortable symptoms. Symptoms such as bleeding may be severe enough to need blood transfusions. In some cases, the only other treatment option may be major surgery such as bladder removal.

40 sessions of HBO, once per day, 5 days per week is the most common course of treatment recommended for these problems

Radiation proctitis (inflammation of the rectum due to radiotherapy)

This can cause diarrhoea, pain, bleeding, mucous discharge and incontinence.

Radiation cystitis (inflammation of the bladder due to radiotherapy)

This can also cause pain, incontinence and bleeding.

Before, during and after HBO, people undergoing treatment for these conditions are asked to complete questionnaires such as the LENT SOMA scale. This is really useful to help us monitor responses to HBO. http://www.christie.nhs.uk/the-foundation-trust/treatments-and-clinical-services/clinical-oncology-scoring-treatment-effects/ctcaelent-soma-questionnaires.aspx 


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