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Case Studies

Case studies

We have a number of case studies which help to illustrate how hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy can be used to treat patients with a variety of conditions, from divers with decompression illness to diabetics with foot ulcers, and from patients experiencing long term side effects of radiation therapy for cancer to a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Read about the experience of one diver, Julian, who experienced a decompression illness which left him paralysed from the waist down and being air-lifted to us for treatment. 

Diabetic patient, Colin, writes about how hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy here has helped to heal his non-healing foot ulcer. 

We have recently received this testimonial from a patient with full permission for its use in our literature and on our website. These words really sum up the amazing changes we can make in someone’s life. Having a holistic approach and the time to spend with patients is all part of their care and this patient wanted to contribute in some way and tell the story of their experience.

“Going to DDRC was the turning point in my recovery, both physically and mentally. Until attending treatment in the Hyperbaric Chamber, my fore foot amputation wound was not healing. I had been left with a gaping large wound with the prospect of having a leg amputation; my circulation was very poor and was not strong enough to heal the wound left from my second surgery. The skin that had been left to cover the wound was at this point dying. On my other foot, I had signs that the same thing was happening and two toes were turning black and the prognoses was not promising with the other foot. I had been in hospital for many weeks and bed bound for around 2 months, having dressing changes every other day.

My consultant and I decided to go forward with hyperbaric treatment, a kind of final effort in saving both feet. I was booked in for 40 sessions at DDRC. In short, hyperbaric treatment has worked for me, both feet have healed, after 40 sessions I am walking with crutches and gaining strength every day.

It may sound like a small thing to most, but by meeting a group of staff who completely understood wound care and a group of patients going through similar experiences and who were in the same boat (or diving chamber!) aided my mental recovery, at the end of the 40 sessions I feel nearly back to my old self. This supportive attitude comes down from the top, from the first meeting the staff make you feel part of a family, the DDRC family. Believe me, when you have been bed ridden for two months, feeling pretty hopeless and alone, going to a place where you feel understood, listened to, being consulted throughout your treatment so you feel involved in  your own care plan makes the world of difference – it means your recovery starts before you even enter the chamber.”



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