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Central retinal artery occlusion - for Professionals

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There are a number of case series that suggest HBOT may help in the treatment of CRAO including Krasnov et al (1981), Zhang & Cao (1986) and Desola (1987).

Miyake et al (1987) was one of the earliest larger prospective trials. Unfortunately, the results were not positive. However, these treatments were not delivered within 24 hours in most cases and individuals were not controlled for presence/absence of a cilioretinal artery or transient occlusions.

More recently Beiran et al (2001) in a retrospective controlled trial showed improvement in individuals with CRAO treated within 12 hours with HBO. Similar outcomes were reported by Menzel et al in 2012.

HBOT is considered in patients who are referred within 24 hours of onset of symptoms on a case by case basis.


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