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Recreational Sports Diving Medical

Diving medicals are not compulsory in the UK as divers now complete a self-declaration medical form. Download here. 

If you answer 'YES' to any of the questions on the self declaration from, it is strongly recommended that advice should be sought from a trained Diving Medical Referee. Outcomes from this include that the doctor may be able to sign the form off, may need further information from you/your GP, or a diving medical may be recommended. A small charge of £20 is made towards the cost of our doctors' time for reviewing the self declaration form. 

If you have a Fitness to Dive enquiry please fill out the form on this page

Please leave plenty of time before any diving holiday to resolve issues identified on your self-declaration questionnaire. 

If a problem has been identified on your self-declaration form, you may need a diving medical. It is likely that the doctor doing the examination will need background information from your GP or specialist and it is helpful if you can provide as much information as possible about the problem for which you need a medical. 

Diving with Asthma

People with a history of asthma need careful medical assessment prior to diving. Following consultation with one of our Diving & Hyperbaric Physicians an asthma stress test may be required.The test at DDRC Healthcare involves an examination and spirometry readings (breathing tests) taken both before and up to 30 minutes after exercise undertaken in a specially cooled room. A doctor is in attendance throughout the test. 

Background medical information

If further information is needed from your GP/consultant for the examining doctor to be able to provide a thorough assessment, any charges are the responsibility of the person undergoing the medical and not DDRC Healthcare. 

If you require any further assistance please contact our Medical Secretary on +44(0)1752 209999 or email info@ddrc.org


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