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Leaving DDRC a Legacy

What is a Legacy?

A legacy is a gift in a will to benefit other people or a charity. It is an important means of providing for your loved ones and of supporting causes which are important to you.

Why Leave a Legacy to DDRC Healthcare?

Your legacy can make a huge difference to the work of the charity. If it is received by us as unrestricted income then we are able to use it as matched funding to release grants, which could make the donation worth three to four times as much as the original legacy.

Leaving a legacy to DDRC Healthcare can help ensure that the charity can fulfil its commitments to research into the understanding and uses of hyperbaric oxygen treatment, for the benefit of a wide range of conditions.

How to Leave a Legacy

There are different types of legacy and the tax implications or savings can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. It is important that if you are considering leaving a legacy, you should seek independent advice from a professional such as a Tax Advisor or Solicitor, to explore the options that are best for you.

You should consider the purpose of the legacy that you are leaving. If you wish to leave it for a specific purpose, this should be detailed in your will. However, to provide maximum flexibility in how your legacy may be used effectively, you may wish to leave this decision to the discretion of the Trustees of DDRC Healthcare, who can apply your gift to best meet the needs of delivering the charitable objectives in the future. We would be grateful for this flexibility.

If you do decide to leave us a legacy, it would greatly assist us to know your intentions, in strict confidence. This will help us to plan accordingly and to understand your wishes.

Please contact our Centre Manager or Fundraising Manager if you wish to discuss this further. 

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