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My Experience at the DDRC Healthcare’s Wound Care Centre

Over the years I have been forced to manage pressure sores. For those who have had any experience with sores, they will know that it really is a hit and miss affair. The sores are not only a source of anxiety, as they are prone to infection, they also can stop me from taking a full part in everyday life, not least because thy make you feel so unwell. Just imagine feeling as though you had the ‘flu all the time!

By chance I met members of the DDRC at the Birmingham Dive 2011 exhibition who encouraged me to visit their Wound Care Centre in Plymouth. I duly purchased a train ticket from London and headed to Plymouth for a long weekend. In total I attended the clinic for three/four visits and the total experience was very positive, as not only did I learn about wound care but I felt I was part of the team looking after my body.

All the care I received was based on a scientific based research approach. The wound was thoroughly cleaned with diluted tee-tree oil and silicone based gauze was used to cover the wound. I was taught how to look after the wound between each visit. The wound healed within 6 weeks, much to everyone’s amazement! I had been managing this wound for over a year. My wish would be that everyone suffering from the effects of pressure sores could have access to the knowledge and care that I was so fortunate to receive.

All that remains is for me to say that I cannot express my gratitude enough to the dedicated team at DDRC Wound Care who have in essence given me back my health and independence. Much as I would like to meet you all again, I would rather not have any more wounds.

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