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DDRC Professional Services can provide you with a training package which is tailored to meet your needs, drawing on our wide experience of diving, hyperbaric and remote medicine. A bespoke training package enables us to respond to the particular needs that you have for operating in a remote site or on an expedition. 

Our specialist diving and hyperbaric medicine doctors work alongside a team of experienced instructors who come from very varied backgrounds, including the oile and gas industry; remote and offshore medicine; maritime and dive support industry; the military; commercial diving and sports diving; the police, fire service and paramedic first responders. 

For example, recently our offshore and maritime specialist Course Director delivered two bespoke MCA medical courses for crew-members working on gun boats in the Indian Ocean. The maritime security team were frequently exposed to gunshot and blast injuries, heat-stroke and heat exhaustion, poisonous snake's, dangerous sea creatures, as well as land based injusries when transiting through remote rain forests. An off-the-peg training course did not meet their needs.  

Many of our instructors have experience in expedition medicine, whether land based in hot climates, in mountain terrain, diving in remote seas, or trekking across the frozen Arctic or Antarctic. 

We have worked with various film crews and photographer in preparation for travel around the globe, working on some very high profile programmes. 

Our bespoke packages provide planning support, meet medical and first aid training needs and pre expedition medicals.

Speak to us also about our on-call emergency medical advice services that we can offer, in the event of a diving incident occuring.

Please contact the Training Team for further details or to book at training@ddrc.org or call us on +44(0)1752 237137 

Student feedback:"There are some training courses that are just that, and occasionally, there are those that are special for all the right reasons"  (Participant of the Atlantic Circuit sailing challenge with the Tall Ships Youth Trust).   


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