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Your First Visit to DDRC Wound Care

Your First Visit

Patients with acute or post-surgical wounds will be booked in for a 30 minute assessment with one of our Tissue Viability Nurses. Your wound will be photographed and measured. This may be a one off appointment or it may be appropriate for you to return at a later date. This would be discussed during your visit.

Each patient with a complex wound will undergo a one hour assessment. The assessment will take place in a consulting room where you can be assured of confidentiality. When you attend for assessment it is useful if you wear loose fitting clothing around the area where your wound is located (leg or arm for example).

During the hour, the nurse will note down any past medical history and will discuss the history of your wound with you along with what care you have previously received. You will be offered a hot or cold drink to enjoy. It would be helpful if you could bring with you any copies of previous test results or records of investigations within the last 12 months if you have them.

Your wound will be assessed using interventions such as measurements and photography and you will be asked to complete some forms. Finally, a Care Plan will be agreed between you and the nurse and the cost of any future appointments will be discussed. Healing of your wound cannot be guaranteed but the nurses at DDRC Wound Care will set a realistic goal with you and will work hard towards achieving that goal.

If you wish to continue receiving care at DDRC Wound Care you will be booked in for your next appointment. Your wound will be assessed at each appointment in order to monitor progress. Wherever possible we will ensure you are booked in with the same Tissue Viability Nurse for each subsequent visit.

We hope you will be very satisfied with the treatment you receive at DDRC Wound Care. We have a Feedback Section should you have any comments or concerns.

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